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5 reasons to try cucielo in 2023

 BY MURRAY ANDERSON - June 25, 2023
I don't know about you, but I'm bored of the usual cocktail culprits.
I find myself struggling between a choice of synthetically flavoured or coloured spirits and liqueurs.
Well, it's time to tell you about CUCIELO Vermouth di Torino...
Before working in the marketing side of hospitality, I worked as a cocktail bartender for over 7 years and turned into a bit of a cocktail nerd (and no, that's not a fancy way of saying alcoholic). I really began to understand the importance of using quality spirits and around this time, I was approached by the CUCIELO Vermouth di Torino brand and just fell.. in.. love.
It's funny, I've always struggled to believe people over the internet and ironically, here I am. However, I have probably been in the same position as you - intimidated by a large collection of bottles at the spirits shop and not comfortable trusting opinions when booze is so pricey nowadays.
To help you get a feel for this tasty vermouth, I've boiled the CUCIELO brand down to 5 simple points with one goal in mind: to give you an opportunity to begin creating delicious cocktails with a truly quality product.

 1. the awards

Whilst CUCIELO aren't ones for chasing medals or awards, it's always nice to be recognised for the hard-work that goes into creating this fabulous vermouth. Rather than ramble on about the shiny gold awards, I thought I would attach them below. Ta-da.

 2. the di torino appellation

Whilst literally anyone can make vermouth at home, not everyone can make di Torino vermouth. There loads of rules (governed by EU law) that you must follow to brand your vermouth as a 'di Torino'. The simplest way I can help explain it is this - it's like comparing sparkling wine to champagne, or brandy to cognac.


I like to describe it as being the best quality of vermouth that Italy has to offer.



3. sustainability


Making sustainable choices plays a big factor in my life and I'm sure you're the same. That's why CUCIELO do their part to help bring a clean conscience with each and every purchase. From fully recyclable, plastic-free packaging to their cute cotton paper bottle labels.



4. no nasty ingredients


When shopping for new spirits, I usually look for one thing - a natural product, free from nasty colourings or flavourings. I  actually remember visiting their distillery early last year and I was blown away. Boxes stacked high FULL of fresh botanicals, with each box stating the origins of each herb and spice. From start to finish, the production truly is a raw, natural process



5. the spritz fans love it


I know I know... it's the reason you're here and don't worry... It's perfect balance and flavour profile creates an absolutely perfect aperitivo cocktailLike I said earlier, this is about giving you an opportunity to experience a truly fantastic Vermouth di Torino for a great price. This isn't just reflected in the awards won, but in the lovely reviews from you lot too!


join the journey...

Well, I hope that was pretty convincing. Join the CUCIELO journey and give it a try for yourself in 2023. Salute!


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